Why should I upgrade to Windows 11?

I may have missed something, but it didn’t seem to me that I should.

What I understood from the news, from the information … is that we are suggested, for the moment, to get ready to change version, and in some time we will be told that it is necessary to do it not to be annoyed.

This is not a new phenomenon, and its purpose is to allow the operating system publisher to better manage the user base.

The fact remains that the new version is only just emerging, and with Microsoft it is urgent not to rush into things too quickly to avoid the worst disappointments. A new version, even if it seems to be more cosmetic than technically useful, will probably have a few little things in it that won’t surprise everyone at first, but that will eventually show that it’s time to stop having blind faith in all the commercial products that manufacturers try to push on us.

So, for my part, I’m going to do with Windows 11 as I did with the previous ones, test the new version in virtual machines without taking any risks, and in a while, one or two years, I might switch the base operating system of my physical machines. But for now, let’s let three or five hundred million testers give us feedback.

compared to what I’ve read, the security aspect is optimal, but the biggest flaw reported is a 30% drop in graphics card performance … due to the anti-cryptofarming protection system (which can be removed but it’s not really recommended) … well, for at least 60% of computer users, it’s not even felt. On the other hand, for those who work on 3D software, who do video post production, not to mention gamers, it’s catastrophic! 30% less performance! we go back almost 20 years with encoding times of more than 20 hours for video!!! impossible lags in 3D graphic design and a FPS worthy of the last century for gamers. moreover, you need a computer with ultra recent functionalities otherwise you can’t even install it… but the computer’s security is almost inviolable (according to crosoft of course, let’s be honest, it’s just that hackers haven’t put their noses on it yet). so for the moment, you might as well stay on 10 if your computer isn’t a top of the line ultra recent model.

That’s because to do that you’re going to have to change the hardware, which will be good for the industry. Otherwise it seems that the main goal is to use the security provided by the hardware. After that, we can imagine that one day they will abandon the 10 and that at that time the update will be paid. Personally I don’t have a compatible computer and I don’t want to change it for this reason.

Not absolutely necessary! At least until 2025, when Windows 10 support was supposed to end. I would say, if your W10 works well, why change.

Now to answer your question, it’s always good to keep your computer up to date, with the latest software or system versions. But in this case we can wait. Let’s wait for the first feedback, the first fixes for security flaws etc.