What is the latest computer programming language?

For 70 years, computer languages have been invented.

For 70 years, each new language is supposed to revolutionize everything, and change development (for the better).

For 70 years, each new language has indeed brought an interesting improvement to development.

For 70 years, each new language also brings regressions, problems, undesirable effects along with the positive elements.

For 70 years, each new language has forgotten that the huge base of existing software is written with other languages, and that NOBODY has the means to rewrite proven code with a new language that is not proven, and that will introduce thousands of bugs to solve only dozens.

For 70 years, every new language has failed to replace the old ones… With a few very, very, very rare exceptions – usually the first ones of a new paradigm, and still…

For 70 years, each new language has only added to the list of existing languages, growing the pile without ever allowing to reduce it.

For 70 years, each new language has become a niche language, or a geek language, or both – no matter how good it is, the mass of existing software and libraries in other languages is enough to nip in the bud almost any attempt at a significant breakthrough.

There are more than 150 MAJOR programming languages, not counting minor, obscure or proprietary languages, and markup languages like HTML or XML, or query languages… At the very least, there must be at least 700 computer languages currently in use, and some people even say that there are almost TEN THOUSAND existing languages…

And among all these languages, about ten occupy three quarters of the current developers, and probably about ten languages (not necessarily the same ones…) represent two thirds of all the code ever written.

So, let’s say that less than 1% of the programming languages “count”, in the sense that it is unavoidable to meet them at least once in a computer career. Many called and few chosen, right?

So I really don’t see what 2021 would have to change all this… Nor what the last language will bring, since we’ll only know in 20 years if it was “revolutionary” or not.

The programming language of 2021 is Talenha!

It is easier to use than any other language. However, when you will use it to generate complex programs or create additional languages, it will be difficult if you don’t know the language well. A documentation is described on the site but it is still insufficient to understand it well.

However, you need a personal user account to use it.

A sample version is under construction!