What are the best tips from experienced programmers for students?

Here is a small list of things that I didn’t think were important when I was a student but that turned out to be useful later on:

  • Do your practical exercises seriously: Every bit of code you create will add to your overall experience and everything will become more and more natural over time. So understand what you’re doing.
  • Be in control of your working environment: You will be working with different languages and IDEs during your studies. Try to understand what each one can do to help you and your efficiency will be enhanced.
  • Help your classmates as much as possible: Algorithms are best learned by solving different problems. By helping your colleagues in difficulty, you will be in contact with other ways of programming and this will be very useful for the future.
  • Have fun! If an assignment looks boring, put your two cents in so that you have fun. Depending on the type of assignment, add humorous comments, change the visual with a particular theme, create creative error messages. There are tons of possibilities.
  • Get serious about other non-computer subjects too: Programming is more than just creating code. It’s also a lot of graphic design displayed on the screen. And what is displayed on the screen requires a minimum of proficiency in French (and ideally in English as well) so that you don’t have to spell-check all the messages and texts to be displayed on the screen. Mathematics will also be useful for logic problems and for calculating the dimensions and percentages of the layout of the objects on the screen. It doesn’t require very advanced mathematics but you have to be comfortable with the basics… and modulo.