Were Windows 10’s tiles a good idea?

Tiles were implemented on Windows with the very forgettable 8!

The worst thing is that the usual location of the start button did not fulfill its role anymore, even though it was always there!

The change was such that many users were more than chilled.

At work I strongly recommended not to put a PC under 8 and to wait for the next version, 8 was a pushover like Vista.

I am used to testing various graphical interfaces under Linux for fun (mine is my favorite but in live CD I try to know!) but I was still dismayed by the interface of 8.
I could not find how to turn off the PC I was presented nor how to get out of it having the command prompt ( CMD) without looking from another PC how to do on a tutorial!!!

In short…

But why was such a horror tested by Microsoft?

Because it corresponded to a project to unify computer environments and the idea was that tablets would take over and the end of the desktop PC.

So a single PC, tablet, phone environment would have been a good idea since the tiles are close to the way of doing things on a smartphone.

There was also the launch of touch screens which would have made this coherence even more valid.

But unfortunately, touch screens didn’t work (too expensive, fragile) and windows phones disappeared.

The public has massively rejected 8 and 10 has found a more classic environment with a touch of tiles that some people like (it’s a quick access to what we use the most, if we configure it correctly).

I don’t mind the tiles in 10, since it’s not opposed to the way I use a PC.

So the tiles of 10 are not a problem.