Some Important Tips for Android Smart Phone

Many people use the Android Operating system smart phone. But some of user not know many feature of Android Operating.

In this post I gone to share some important tips of Android Smart Phone.

Use Widget on Home Screen
You can easily make your smart phone awesome to using widget. If you want to use widget in your android home screen so you have need to select the option from main launcher. You can set your favorite apps on your android home screen easily using the widget. You can easily According to organize your smart phone.

Keep The Required Number in Widget
Keep at last one number in your android widget. This is help you to do not search this number. So you can able to safe your time using the number in widget. You can able to dial directly from your home screen.

Stream Music Collection Using Google Play
If you want to listen song like stream so use the Google Play. Because the Google play give you chance to listen many song and also keep it on your play list. Even you can get scope to listen song in offline mode.

Always On Automatic Update
Always keep on automatic update in your android smart phone. This system help you to get new update about many important apps. If you want to on the automatic update, so to setting option. Then you can see a option, this option name is “Auto Update App”. Now on this update.

Use Preferred Keyboard
The android phone builders give the keyboard in any android phone. But many time you do not like this. In this case, you can use your preferred keyboard and you can also able to use convenient virtual keyboard in your android smart phone. You can also buy your convenient virtual keyboard from online. You can see many keyboard apps in online. Like Swift key, Swipe etc. You can use this keyboard in free trial before buying.

Setup the “Google Now”
Google now is an app, this app help you to know required information automatically. Suppose you are sitting on a Train station. If you install the “Google Now” in your android phone so you can see this app help you to know about the next Train. And this app help you to remember many important events.

Use Google Chrome As Your Internet Browser
Generally you can see The Google Chrome is the default internet browser in many android phone. Even if your phone have others default browser, so change it as soon as possible. You can easily download this app from “Google Play”. The google chrome is a easy and high-heeled app for internet browsing. If you use the “Google Chrome” in your computer so your bookmarks page automatically save on your android smart phone. It is a great feature in the “Google Chrome” browser.

Read SMS in Your Computer
Mostly many third party software help to the user to read text or SMS in their computer. Even you can easily answer any sms using your computer. If you use the app so you can read your sms from your phone.

Use the App “Share”
Android smart phone have many share option in many apps. Share help to connect an app to another app. For instance , if you write some text so you can share your text automatically on your social network. This app help to not go to the website for posting your post. If you on the “Share” option in your phone so you can easily save your valuable time.

Download the “Map”
Download the map for use offline. This option help to not face on the internet problem. If you want to search any location so you have no need to on the “Internet” connection. If you do this work so go to map setting option, then select on “Make Available For Offline”. And if you want download the maps location, so zoom it and select in the “Done” option.

Connect With Computer for Transfer Pictures
If you want to transfer your pictures so you can able to connect your smart phone in your Computer. For fast photos transferring connect your phone in your computer USB port. Then open your file browser and click on your internal storage. This location you can get a folder. The folder name is “DCIM”. You can get your all pictures in this folder.

Keep automatic Backup Your Pictures
If you want to keep your pictures in automatic backup mode, so you can easily do it. The “Google Plus” help you to do this work. If you want to open this system so you have need to go to the “Google Plus” setting option. Then select on the “Instance Photo Upload” options. Now the app help you to keep backup your photos automatically.

Use Remote For Wipe
The remote wipe feature in not available in android phone. This reasons if you lost your phone so your data can get in another people. If you want to safe from the problem, so use the Third Party apps. These apps help you to delete data from your lost phone. You can able to use these apps in trial version.

Take the Opportunity To Refund
If you buy any apps from online so you can get 15 minutes to check the app. If you understand this app is not able to meet the needs, so you can get chance to return the app. If you want to refund your money so use the “Google Play” refund option. If you want to refund your money so you have need to go to the app page. Then you can see “Refund” option. If you click on refund option so your apps will uninstall and you get back your money.