Is it possible to install another OS on a Windows 10?

Is it possible to install another OS on a Windows 10? In principle, yes, it is possible. The only constraint is to be able to choose to boot on a USB key or on a DVD.

Once you are sure that you have this possibility (which should be the case for the vast majority of laptops), you will probably have to get some hardware (a 2 to 4Gb USB key or a blank DVD) and what is called “the image” of another operating system.

Since you want to install something other than windows 10 and there is no way to legally get a Mac OS image (I don’t know if it would work on a laptop originally designed for windows), you are left with the linux option.

Given the question, I suspect that you know absolutely nothing about linux, and, although there are a lot of different distributions, I would advise you to start with user friendly distributions like

  • ubuntu (The leading operating system for PCs)
  • linux mint ( Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia” – Cinnamon (64-bit)

I would advise you, if you choose to use a USB key, to use LinuxLive USB Creator

to write the image you downloaded to the USB stick. The process only takes a few minutes and is relatively easy to follow.

This will give you a USB stick from which you can boot your computer 😉

Once the USB stick is created, reboot your computer and go into the BIOS to change the boot order by placing the USB stick first.

This boot will probably be a bit slower than usual, depending on the USB standard of your computer, mainly because the system is compressed at the origin. But you will already be able to try linux (before making a final decision) without even needing to install it, as everything is done from the USB stick (don’t worry about the “slowness” when trying it out: it is due to the fact that you are working from a USB stick).

You should even be able to connect to the Wifi if you wish 😉

Once you have decided, you should have an installation shortcut on your desktop and in the menu, which you can click on to start the installation.

After asking for some information (your keyboard layout, your time zone, allowing you to partition your hard drive, your username and password), the installation should probably not take more than twenty minutes, especially if you have a good internet connection.

Shut down your computer, remove the USB key, redefine the hard disk as a boot device, and you’re done 😉