How to solve if your DNS server does not respond?

If you get the error message ‘DNS Server isn’t responding’ in your system, you cannot access the Internet. We’ll show you how to solve the Problem.

Windows Error: the DNS Server isn’t responding

If your Browser cannot connect to the Internet, Windows troubleshooting typically displays the following errors:

  • ‘The DNS Server is not responding’
  • ‘The Computer appears to be configured correctly, but the device or resource (DNS Server) does not respond’

DNS Server is not Responding

Only one computer can be affected and the others on the same network work as usual.

Solution 1 – restart the Router

  1. Restart your Router.
  2. Disconnect it from power for about 30 seconds and reconnect it.

Solution 2 – use other browsers

Try another Browser and see if the Problem is there.

Solution 3 – scan Firewall or disable virus scanner

  1. If you have configured your Firewall specifically, this can be the source of error.
  2. Disables it temporarily to check.
  3. The same applies to installed third-party virus scanners.

Solution 4 – switch DNS Server

For example, set Google as a DNS server if the above solutions do not work.

  1. Open the user interface of your router in the Browser.
  2. Find the Network setting, then find DNS setting
  3. Clear the default DNS address , then type in and
  4. Click the Apply button.

router dns setting

Ask your ISP if other computers in your Network have the same Problem. In case the Problem could not be resolved, please comment below, we will try to help you if we can find a solution.
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Today many people use your Smartphone or PC to browse the Internet through which you can get a lot of information about everything and also get a lot of entertainment through different Internet sites, but sometimes we have to face some problems.

There are many network-related issues that you can face when you try a specific network to connect or load a web page. The biggest and most common problem is the DNS Problem, hope you find a solution in this article.