How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

iPhone headphone mode stuck? If you want to play music through your speakers with your iPhone but the headphone volume indicator is on, this can be a nuisance. The device has no sound for calls, apps, music, videos, and so on without headphones. If you click on volume button, you can only see ‘headphones’. This means that your iPhone/iPad is still in headphone mode.

iPhone headphone

The problem will happen on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6 Plus/6/6s/5s/ iPad Mini/iPad 2/3/4. There are the reasons:

  1. Software error due to iOS 11 update. Or headphone misoperation.
  2. The headphone jack is damaged by water.
  3. There is lint or dust in the headphone jack. Then the device will hold the headphones.

Here are the solutions:

  1. Disable Headphone Mode: Fix the problem due to software error
  2. Turn off iPhone headset mode: Solve the problem of water damage
  3. Fix the problem because of lint or dust

Solution 1. Disable Headphone Mode: Fix the problem due to software error

iPhone stuck in headset mode? Or iPhone displays headphones even though none are connected. Some users come across this problem if they have received iOS Update or suddenly unplugged the headset during video playing or call. Here are the solutions:

1. Reconnect the headphones to your iPhone/iPad

If you plug and unplug the headphone for a few more times, the device will reuse volume because sometimes the system may work slowly. If it is not OK, read the next solution.

2. Use Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your iPhone/iPad to a Bluetooth speaker. Then play a song. If it’s OK, turn on Bluetooth on your device. Then you can solve the problem.

3. Restart your iPhone or iPad

Hold on the power button. Then you can see ‘turn off’. After powering off your phone, wait another 20 seconds. Then restart your iPhone. Then click the volume button. If you see ‘volume’, there is no problem.

iPhone power off

4. Restore iOS System, turn off Headphone Mode

If these 3 methods are not OK, it means the software error is very serious. Then you can fix your iPhone with iOS System Restore.

With FonePaw iOS System Restore software, you can troubleshoot many software problems. In addition, you do not need to clear any data on your device.

Step 1. Download FonePaw iOS System Restore and install the program to your Windows PC.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable.

Step 3. Just click ‘More Tools’ > ‘iOS System Restore’.

Step 4. Follow the instructions to start recovery mode on your device. Attention: The steps on iPhone 7 is not the same as other iOS devices.

Step 5. When you start recovery mode, you can see the summary from your phone. Check this information, then click on ‘Repair’ to start the repair.

Step 6. Wait a moment. After the process, your device will automatically restart. If you see ‘Repair completed’, your iPhone will be back to normal.

Watch out:

The system of your device will get the latest version after the repair.

If you have jail broken your device before, the jailbreak will be canceled.

If you unlock the device beforehand with SIM, the unlock will still be here.

Solution 2. Turn off iPhone headphone mode: Solve the problem of water damage

Your iPhone or iPad has fallen into the water. How can you fix this? However, your device will also be damaged by wet weather. Then the water from the weather will block your headphone jack. Therefore, you must dry the connection.

  1. With a Q-Tip swab, you can destroy the moisture at the connection. Just rotate the swab in the connector. Then you can clean the connection.
  2. Dry the wet with a hair dryer with low heat

Attention: If you dry the headphone jack with a hair dryer, the hair dryer should not be so close to the unit in order to protect the unit.

Solution 3. Fix the problem because of lint or dust

Check with a flash if there are some other thing blocking the headphone jack.

iPhone headphone jack

Maybe the dust and dirt are too small, so you can not see them. Then you can use Q-Tip, toothbrush, toothpick or needle to clean the headphone jack. Attention! You should carefully clean with tools and gently shake the phone to destroy the dust. So, dust cloth is also a good choice.

After you clean the connection, check if you hear the sounds on your headphones.