How to draw flowers

When spring arrives, the fields outside are blooming with a variety of flowers. Some children enjoy drawing spring flowers, and observing the shapes of the various petals before drawing them is much easier. We show four different types of spring flower sketches below.

How to draw flowers in simple sketches

  1. Start by drawing a simple four-petal flower. In a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, draw four end-to-end semicircles as petals. The four semicircles try to be the same size, so you have a neatly arranged petals. Then draw a black dot in the middle as the heart of the flower and you’re done!how to draw flowers step 1
  2. Change the black dot in the middle of the four-petaled flower to a cross and it becomes a clover! If you turn the black dot in the middle of the four-petaled flower into 3 small black dots, the shape of the flower changes to draw flowers step 2
  3. Make a bouquet by connecting several four-petaled flowers with straight lines. Make a bush by drawing several four-petaled flowers in a circle and some leaves between the to draw flowers step 3

How to draw cherry and plum flowers in simple sketches

  1. Cherry and plum flowers both have five petals. Because the number of petals is odd, you can draw the 5 petals as shown in the picture, in the order of drawing the top, then the left and right sides, then the bottom, to make it much easier. If the petals are not evenly spaced when drawing 5 petals, don’t be too concerned; sometimes the bottom two petals appear smaller than the other petals, which is rather to draw cherry and plum flowers step 1
  2. Cherry flower petals differ from plum flower petals in that the margins of plum flowers are rounded, but cherry flower petals are jagged. Another distinction between cherry flowers and plum flowers is their central to draw cherry and plum flowers step 2

How to draw lily and rose in simple sketches

Compared to the flowers above, the lily of the valley and the rose are a little more difficult to draw.

  1. Lily: Draw a curve first, then 3-4 inverted hearts above the curve, with an oval on each side of the end as a to draw lily and rose step 1
  2. Rose: Draw a circle first. Then draw three crossed straight lines inward from three points around the circle, enclosing a rounded triangle in the center of the lines and connecting the midpoints of the triangle’s three sides with lines to form a tiny triangle. Draw an even smaller triangle inside the little triangle using the same method, and you’re done. The lines may be stiff when you first start drawing a rose. You’ll be able to draw slightly curved lines with a few more practice sessions, and the finished rose will be more to draw lily and rose step 2