How to draw eyes?

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Whether this is true or not it is left open for now. But if you draw a person, his eyes become very important. Each eye has a certain characteristic and peculiarity. Many people can be recognized immediately by their eyes. This applies not only to the pupil, but to the eye area as a whole. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio – you can recognize him immediately by his eyes.

Eyes are narrative books without letters, lakes of thought, blazing fires full of hate, or two universes sparkling with love.

Eyes can express a lot of feelings or give insight into a person’s mood. Eyes are in the head, between truth and lie, between fear and joy, between light and dark, between curiosity and disinterest. Anyone who can draw moods and feelings with their eyes is good.

In this detailed tutorial I will show you how to draw beautiful and detailed eyes easily and quickly.

Before you start: A few examples of drawn eyes.
how to draw eyes examples
Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Tutorial: How to draw eyes

how to draw eyes step 1
At the very first step, I draw the rough shape and outlines of the eye. This sketch does not have to be very nice, but it should resemble the shape of an eye. As you can see in the picture, it is possible to “assemble” the eye from auxiliary lines. The rough shape, which is characteristic of the corresponding face, as well as the typical features of an eye with a desired mood, should already be indicated at and taken into consideration here.

I would like to draw here a normal, interested looking and open eye of a woman, as it happens most frequently. Women are curious and want to look at everything. The eye should not be pinched, torn open or distorted, but quite ordinary, so that as many people as possible can benefit from this tutorial.

Draw the shape of an eye as you see it above. The shape resembles an elongated egg with two points left and right, perhaps also a tilted flame.
how to draw eyes step 2

The help lines from the first step can be removed again. Before the eye gets some details, I draw a round circle into it, which shows the outlines of the iris. If you don’t get a perfect circle, that’s no problem, because the outlines of a human iris are never perfectly round and don’t have a sharp contour, but “run out” softly.

Because every complete eye – the whole eyeball (the white with the colored iris) – actually resembles a “round ball”, you have to darken the eye to the outside to make this natural and curvature visible. Therefore I darkened the corners of the eyeball slightly. Curvatures can only be indicated by shadows.

The “incision” in the nasal corner of the eyelid is called teardrop carbuncle and can be sketched out in advance. The tear carbuncle – a wonderful word that calls for a feminine salutation: the carbuncle – is a moist skin that covers the eyeball. Consequently, the carbuncle of tears does not need to be shaded and no curvature suggested. However, it will later be darker than the whiteness of the eyes.

how to draw eyes step 3

Draw iris / shining spots in the pupil

During this step, I draw the pupil and important elements of the iris. In order for the eye to shine vividly later on, it is important to determine the shining points of the eye. Often an eye does not only have one shining spot, but reflects several points of light at the same time.

My drawing reflects a large square, which could be a window, and a flatter rectangle, which represents another light source – perhaps a lamp.

how to draw eyes step 4

Next, the black pupil is simply “painted”. It is the black hole that swallows and bundles light and color and gives us great insights into the reality we perceive. At first I don’t draw it completely black but dark grey, so that it can later be adapted to the grey tones of the rest of the picture.

The greater the contrast between the pupil and the light reflections, the more vivid the eye appears. So just leave very bright spots of light completely white, as you can see in the small, flat, central rectangle. The larger square reflects the brightness of a weaker light source and is therefore slightly overdrawn – but only so hesitantly that it still appears bright. You can leave it completely bright, but I’m afraid too many reflections will sparkle for attention.

You can draw the iris processes (lines on the frame of the circle) with simple lines from the edge to the middle. These strokes should be as random as possible and should never be repeated periodically. A human iris is absolutely unique! Its pattern never repeats itself, and it does not have a uniform structure.

Before you can look into the soul of a person, you must look him in the eyes and recognize the brilliance of his uniqueness.

how to draw eyes step 5

Draw shiny pupils

In the picture above you can see the actual iris. It is reminiscent of shining sunbeams connected by small arcs. Pupil and iris resemble a solar eclipse with glowing corona. The light of life burns in our eyes – we should appreciate it.

A person’s iris is always unique and has many details. If you have time and desire, you can let off steam on the iris and insert the most beautiful patterns. I may feel like it, but I have no time, and that’s why it goes on now.

The light points of the reflections may only be very slightly overdrawn. Bright lights should remain completely white.
how to draw eyes step 6

To draw the area between the iris and the iris forts(the area that was white in the previous step), try to create a kind of connection between the edge and the center of the iris. This can be done with light strokes or irregular structures. (It’s best to make it far less striking than I’ve drawn here.)

You can try to trace the typical structure of one person’s iris, but no one will notice a similarity because no normal person can memorize another person’s iris. Therefore arbitrary structures and strokes are sufficient to draw a complete iris.
how to draw eyes step 7

Draw eyelids

Now cleanly blur the hatching on the curve of the left eyeball. For this you can use a brush(it should be clean/new – completely WITHOUT paint!!) or a handkerchief (of course also clean). The eyeball(left) now looks much softer and gets its natural curve. For comparison: right eyeball is still hatched and blurred – left the eye looks much softer.

Each eyelid has a certain strength / thickness. For this reason, I have drawn another line at the lower lid next to the lower lid line. This line can be drawn inside or outside the eye – depending on the desired eye expression. I drew this line outside because I already shaded the eyes inside. Between these two lines lashes grow later.
how to draw eyes step 8

Here you can see what the eye looks like when both sides of the eyeball are rounded and blurred. The curvature is now clearly visible. The eyeball has retained its natural spherical shape.

The tear caruncle has become softer and more natural. With the tear carbuncle it is important to always leave enough white surface for wet reflections and a certain brightness, which makes the humidity clear at this point.

The inside of the eye is actually finished. The more time you invest, the more beautiful it becomes. But we don’t want to overdo it now.

how to draw eyes step 9

Draw eyelid crease

An eye is not a single element, no, it is embedded in the face between eyelids. Here you can already see the upper eyelid crease. This eyelid crease can also be very characteristic and should be looked at closely by the person to be drawn. There may of course be other wrinkles on the eyelid, but this is not the case with this young eye.

After you have put the eyelid crease on paper, the upper part of the eye can easily be hatched and blurred.
how to draw eyes step 10

The procedure for the eyelid crease, of course, also takes place under the eye. Here, too, the eye must be embedded in its natural environment with suitable shades and an eyelid crease. Depending on the age of the person, the elasticity of these wrinkles can vary. Often the eyelids are also made up.

I do not draw any make-up on the eye at this point – this would falsify the shading. Later it would be more difficult to find the right shades of grey in the interaction with the rest of the facial skin. Therefore I say: Make-up preferably only in the very last step.

how to draw eyes step 11

Draw eyebrows

There are people who pluck their eyebrows out and then paint them again. We couldn’t learn logic from these people, but we could let them show us how to draw eyebrows. Eyebrows are very characteristic. There are thick and thin, narrow and crooked ones. They belong to the eye like a fleecy cloud over the summer sun. Shaved eyebrows are always a bit disturbing – at least for me. Then I think about what this person wants to express with painted eyebrows. And besides, a face is not a garden where you can pluck out the unique selling points at will.

Back to the topic: Before I draw the eyebrows in detail, I hatch them a little forward until they have the right shape. I also draw more shadows between the eye and the eyebrow. The shading directly around the eyebrow should find its way into the drawing before the eyebrow is drawn, because with later shading you will blur every single hair.

And by the way: The more the shadow falls towards the nose, the bigger and more distinctive it will appear later – so you should be careful here.

how to draw eyes step 12

When the outline and the hatching of the eyebrows show the typical shape of the face to be drawn, I draw numerous individual eyebrows over it with many small strokes. This is faster than you think, because you can draw most strokes arbitrarily. They should only follow the natural running direction of the hair. Usually lower hairs grow upwards and upper hairs downwards. All hairs are inclined away from the nose and the further they are in the middle of the brow, the stronger they become.

The eyebrows are of course different for each person, so you should take a close look here as well – but in most cases it is enough just to draw a few strokes. Eyebrow puff-and-back painters know that.
how to draw eyes step 13

Draw eyelashes

Eyes become really beautiful through the lively interplay of looks and eyelashes. What would an eye look be without eyelashes? Correct: Sleepy. Something would be missing. What should we lose ourselves in, if not in beautiful eyes?

Dreams float in eyes, which are mysteriously veiled by eyelashes.

Depending on the type, eyelashes are longer, stronger, thinner or shorter. However, all eyelashes have one thing in common: their slight curvature. Straight strokes seem very unnatural, so draw each eyelash individually with simple, short and sweeping strokes.

The further the eyelashes are from the tear caruncle, the shorter and finer they become. The largest eyelashes are located between the middle and the outer end of the eyelid. Eyelashes grow exactly on the “edge” of the eyelid as well as immediately in front of it. At the lower end of the eyelid you can see where eyelashes originate. They do not spring from a perfect line, but from scattered order.

how to draw eyes step 14

In the previous step, you drew big, eye-catching lashes, to which you now add smaller, inconspicuous ones. From such smaller eyelashes there are much more than from the big ones. While the big eyelashes are just a striking feature, the small ones make up the fullness. I’m not a make-up artist, I’m just describing what I see here.

Occasionally, several eyelashes approach each other so that they appear to be a big one. Make-up also likes to stick eyelashes together and is able to create gigantic big eyelashes that you should be afraid of. Fear, because a look with big eyelashes is a weapon.

how to draw eyes step 15

Even if it is not immediately noticeable, but the upper eyelid now casts a small shadow on the eyeball. Compare the picture from the previous step with this one, then you will notice the shadow. Such a shadow occurs in almost all situations because light always comes from above. With this shadow, the eye looks more alive and much more realistic.

how to draw eyes step 16

We almost arrived at the end. Only inconspicuous details follow. With very fine lines and a very sharp pencil I drew the finest veins in the eye. For the larger eyelashes, I have erased the illuminated upper side to make them look more sculpted, stronger, and fuller. However, it takes a little practice and patience to lash eyelashes in this way. I use a sharp eraser.

We’re almost to the end. Only inconspicuous details follow. With very fine lines and a very sharp pencil I drew finest veins into the eye.For the larger eyelashes, I erased the illuminated upper side brightly, so that they look more plastic, stronger and fuller. However, it takes a little practice and patience to make eyelashes shine this way. I use a sharp eraser.

how to draw eyes step 17

In the last step, you draw only several smaller, inconspicuous eyelashes. And then the eye drawing is finished.

Keep in mind that if you are not a cyclops, you have two eyes, so you can repeat this tutorial mirrored and try a second eye.

Eyes are the most important “elements” in a face. When we see a person, we look into his eyes first. In eyes we can read moods and intentions. Eyes are narrative books without letters, lakes of thought, blazing fires full of hate, or two universes sparkling with love. One will never be able to draw an eye in the beauty that nature dictates to it.