How to draw a tiger?

The easiest way for young children to learn how to draw a tiger is the printing method. Using the circular feature of toilet paper tubes, you can print and draw a cute tiger.

How to draw a tiger?

Materials: toilet paper tubes, cardboard, black paint, markers (black and white)

Steps of drawing a tiger:

1. Dip the toilet paper tubeĀ  in black paint and emboss onto the cardboard with a little force, then lift the tube gently and leave a circular pattern on the cardboard, which serves as the head of the tiger.

how to draw a tiger step 1

2. Use a black marker or crayon to draw two small gates above the circle, which are equal in size and symmetrical on the left and right. Draw a small black dot inside each door, which serves as the tiger’s ear. Inside the circle, draw three triangles below the gates, three triangles on each side of the circle and paint the inside of all the triangles black, these are the stripes of the tiger. Then draw two small black dots in the middle of the stripes for the eyes.

how to draw a tiger step 2

3. Draw an oval below the eye with a white marker, and draw a black dot and a small curve at the upper end of the oval, which serves as the mouth and nose of the tiger.

how to draw a tiger step 3

4. Draw three straight lines on each side of the mouth for the beard.

how to draw a tiger step 4

5. Draw more tigers in the same way. The details of the tiger can be different, such as the eyes are drawn as small doors or hearts or ticked, and the mouths are drawn as half circles or curved hooks or small circles, using them to represent the different forms of the tiger’s demeanor.

how to draw a tiger step 5