How to draw a bee?

In the spring, bees can be seen on the flat land or high mountains where the flowers bloom in the wind, stirring their light wings and working hard. Bees are a beautiful scenery in spring, they decorate the colors of spring with their dexterous body and interpret the spirit of hard work and dedication with their actions. How can kids draw spring without bees?

How to draw a bee?

Materials: white paper, crayons (black and yellow)

Steps to draw a bee
1. Use a black crayon to draw a horizontal egg shape in the middle of the drawing paper. This egg shape is intended to be the body of the bee, so draw the egg as large as possible.

how to draw a bee step 1
2. Inside the egg, near the front, use the black crayon to draw a small black dot as the bee’s eye. On the back half of the egg, draw four vertical lines. The vertical lines are intended to be used to draw the pattern on the bee’s body, so the vertical lines can be spaced equally or arranged in groups of two.

how to draw a bee step 2
3. Above the vertical lines, draw two eggs that are tilted, one large and one small, and leaning together, which serve as the bee’s wings.

how to draw a bee step 3
4. Draw a small triangle as a poison needle on the outside of the back end of the egg.

how to draw a bee step 4
5. Finally, use a yellow and black crayon to color the bee, and paint it in yellow and black as the pattern on the bee.

how to draw a bee step 5