How to Create a Website?

Owning a website is essential nowadays especially for businesses or even individuals who want to show off their services or express themselves. If you are wondering how to create a website, it is quite easy, with the free tools that come readily available creating a website nowadays isn’t hard as it used to be before. If you own a business and don’t have a website you are missing out.

Below is a simple step-by step guide on how you can go about creating your first website.

Choosing and registering a domain name

Before you start creating your website, the first thing you need to do is register a domain name that relates to topic of your site. This is your address on the web. This is what will help customers find you on the internet.

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The domain name can be a combination of letters and/or numbers up to 63 characters. The main official domain names are .com which is the most common and recommended especially for a business, .org which is used for nonprofits, .net normally used by internet providers, .biz specific to businesses, and .info specifically used for information services.

  • Use the following tips to help you choose a good domain name.
  • Keep it brief. Make it short and memorable.
  • Keep it simple for people to spell. Avoid spelling names unusually.
  • Choose a domain name that reflects your topic or your business.

If in doubt, choose .com as its what many people think of when typing a domain name. You can register a domain name through the most popular domain registration service Godaddy, Namecheap, etc.

Choosing a web host

A web host is a company that will make your website available online for people to see. They make use of the skills and equipment to ensure the website is online throughout. The hosting company stores your website on their servers and transmits it to the internet when someone searches your domain name. It’s crucial that you choose the right web host. A good host will provide excellent support. Check how responsive they are before you choose them, as it will reflect the kind of service you will get. After choosing the ideal web host, the next step is choosing the plan you want. They want you to get the most expensive ones, but make sure to choose a plan within your budget. We recommend that you start with Hostgator, its one of the most popular and trusted web hosting company out there.

Building your website and adding content

The next step on how to create a website is actually building the website and adding content relevant to your topic. Many people prefer leaving this part to experts but you can do it yourself. To build the website yourself, you need a web building software, which you can get free from the host or from an outside vendor. Always make sure to make it simple, interesting and avoid annoying pop ups

Creating your website using wordpress

If you want to know how to create a website and add content, wordpress comes high recommended to help you build and add content to your site. WordPress is content management design software that allows people to build dynamic blogs and sites, you don’t need to be a techie to use word press, it’s quite easy.

You can choose from thousands of themes both free and paid to design the website you want. With word press, you can create SEO friendly content. You can choose from the various themes and addons to make your site more friendly based on your style

All you pay is your web host and if you get stuck call them any time to help you.

You can now add newsletters, counters, and auto responders to your website since you are now done creating your first website

If you have been wondering how to create a website for your business or personal use, as explained in the steps above web creation isn’t easy and anyone can do It without the need for any design background. There are many online tools to help you design a website based on your preference.

Always ensure to choose a reputable host, choose an appropriate domain name and use the freely available online resources to help you in creating your ideal website.

The above how to create a website tutorial can be used by anyone who wants to design a website for their personal use or for their business.