How do I get my son out from under the screens?

I love this question. I am clearly not a reference on the subject of screen intoxication. But I know how to take a step back on this subject and above all I know how to stop.

The first question to ask is: what is he doing on his screens?

You have to know how to find the time-consuming agents and learn how to limit them. The list is almost universal:

  1. First, we find video games, whose objective is to make us waste as much time as possible on them by challenging us to always play more. And sometimes even buy.
  2. In second place come the social networks, which sometimes come first, the fight is hard. It’s hard to resist the constant call of notifications.
  3. Finally, we confuse media and other entertainment like Netflix, YouTube and other happy behemoths.

You have to make choices. I have personally uninstalled most of the toxic applications like Twitter or Facebook, I try to give myself a maximum amount of play time per day, and I put myself in airplane mode as much as possible.

My son is too much on the screens, it has become a 21st century question, an annoyance for the parents, a hobby for the kids… how about getting to know each other?

You don’t know their screens

Take an interest in what he does. Go and see him while he is playing, put a minimum of conviction in it and try to understand the rules a little. In today’s multiplayer games, it is impossible to pause without inevitably losing the game or being penalized by the game. This is obviously very frustrating, so think about it! Set time limits (some games have very long games, so your son will have to adapt) and don’t pop in unexpectedly. The same goes for snap streaks, which require him to send one snap per day (one photo). Let him organize himself as he wants, but set specific times. At 10:30 pm, lights out, you can even set times on the administration settings of some modems. And there, it is impossible to cheat. Try also the “detox” weeks for example when you go on vacation.

Something in return

It’s all very well to turn off the screens. But what is he doing without? The thought of having to cut out his favorite TV show to study for exams is not motivating and don’t try to get him to install digital revision programs: it doesn’t work very well and it’s not effective. He can go out, meet friends, in short go outside.

But what do you suggest? I’m not a social worker, but the prospect of recommending to parents that they cut the wires and put their children outside disgusts me to no end. If you have some time to spare, be with him! Go to games, concerts, crafts, and sometimes even play with him (I’m told in my ear that doesn’t answer the question). Plug in the books too, reading is my second favorite activity (after learning) and there is something for everyone. Go on hikes, go to exhibitions…show him how beautiful the world is without pixels, your child will never go alone or he won’t want to, so do it with him!