How do I fix the black screen on my PC?

If while working on your PC, the screen suddenly goes black, don’t panic! The solution is right here.

Black screens are caused by various things.

*You have installed applications that you do not know and you have not uninstalled them.

*After an update

*While surfing on NNe, you have visited unsecured sites.


Enough talk, here is how to fix your PC:

Always have a reflex of restarting your PC( by pressing the power button for a few seconds), it can fix everything. Otherwise, when you start your PC, press the f8 key.

There, the screen gives you several choices.

“Start Windows in Safe Mode” is a solution.
If you are allowed to do this, you must

  • access your control panel (“Start”, then “Control Panel”)
  • then select “Backup and Restore”
  • “Restore system settings or your computer”
  • There you will have the opportunity to restore your computer
  • The latter restarts and carries out the restoration.

Sometimes, the safe mode is not proposed, it is “System Restart” that is proposed instead.
Choose this option and let yourself be guided, you will not lose your data in any case, your operating system will simply return to a previous version at the system level which will correct the errors generated in the meantime.

Also, a simple restart of your computer is sometimes able to correct the problems related to a black screen.

System reinstallation

In the worst case,

insert your Operating System installation CD/DVD in your CD/DVD drive or on a USB key.

Start your computer by pressing the F2 key to access the BIOS, go to the “BOOT” tab

and choose the boot on CD/DVD drive.

Your computer will then reinstall your operating system.
To keep your data, choose the upgrade and not the reinstallation of the system, they will then be accessible in a folder named Windows.old located in your hard disk.

In case of a black screen, don’t panic, the solution exists, follow these instructions and restore your computer. If you are not confident enough, call the PC repairman.